Full Delivery Service:

Our fully accredited captains are pleased to offer delivery services for any vessel for the U.S. East Coast, Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Yacht Inspections:

We are pleased to offer our vast expertise in determining particulars for any boat evaluation needs.

  • Damage Inspections: Damage inspections determine the scope of damage and aid in the formulation of a repair plan. Progressive inspections of the repair work are often requested along with a final inspection of completed repair work.
  • Insurance Claim Consultation: We work with owners to verify the scope of damage and settlement issued by an insurance adjuster or surveyor to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Inspection of Repair Work: We provide inspection of any type of repair work conducted to ensure the work is completed to the highest level of standards.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections: Most financial and/or insurance companies require a pre-purchase survey of your vessel. This includes a thorough inspection of the vessel’s structural integrity along with the operating condition and performance of all systems. A detailed report is prepared on the same day of the inspection including an equipment list, detailed outline of any deficiencies along with the market and replacement values.
  • Seller Inspection: We offer this service for both sellers and brokers – we determine the condition of the vessel prior to a brokerage agreeing to market the vessel. This is beneficial for comparison with the inspection that will be completed by the buyer so you will not have any surprises. This inspection is ideal to give you the opportunity to correct any small deficiencies and is extremely beneficial to have prior to any price negotiations.
  • Consultation: We are available to answer all of your questions regarding your vessel choice, purchase, operation and vessel repair or new build.

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