Hurricane Dorian: Update September 25, 2019

Dear Cruise Abaco Family,

It has been a little over 3 weeks since Hurricane Dorian crossed paths with Abaco. The words “Abaco Strong” are evident all over the islands. There is a flurry of activity everywhere and everyone is doing their part to clean up and make plans for rebuilding a better, stronger future. Ray and Renee’s home have plans for a new roof and it’s nice to see their smiles as they overlook the beautiful Sea Of Abaco! The airport is looking better and not far from opening soon. As you can see, things are moving along and the future is looking brighter for Abaco!

An ongoing thank you to all the folks who are sending in donations, holding fundraisers and/or collecting relief supplies and to those who are tirelessly bringing those relief supplies and medical care…. the community of Abaco just can’t thank all of you enough. A big shout out & THANK YOU to Team Rubicon for helping Cruise Abaco get our staff house a plastic roof so we can get it dried out and begin plans to replace the roof and interior so they can have safe shelter soon. Power poles are going up and new plans are being discussed for adding a solar system along with the grid which is such exciting news for us all.

While this has been a very stressful time with much loss, the community of Abaco is so moved by the tremendous support and love from people all over the globe. We all feel it and appreciate it more than words can say. Abaco’s strength is in the perseverance of the people and it is those people that make Abaco so very special. Everyone is committed to a new beginning so please keep us in your future vacation plans. We’ll let you know when the doors are open, the lights are on and our fleet is sailing again and we will welcome you with open arms!

Captain Mark & Patti Gonsalves
Proud Owners of Cruise Abaco

****We are dedicated to helping Abaco and the Bahamas. Many of you have been asking where you can donate. These are legit relief campaigns and websites that take donations. Please note that there is only one Go Fund Me account that was created specifically for the Cruise Abaco Staff and by Mark & Patti, the owners of Cruise Abaco (link below). We thank you for all your love and support!!!****

Help Cruise Abaco Staff: Click Here

Team Rubicon: Click Here

Man-O-War Relief Fund: Click Here

Samaritan’s Purse: Click Here

Matt Winslow GoFundMe, who will match donations: Click Here

Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue: Click Here


100% of donated funds are used to benefit Elbow Cay ONLY

*When U.S. citizens are donating to HTVFR please remember that you can make your contribution of $250 or more tax deductible through PERC. Click Here

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